German Shepherd Acts Cool Until He Realizes He’s At The Vet’s Office

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows one thing for sure: they love a good car ride. A happy dog is always one who’s got his head out the window, sniffing the air, and slobbering all over the glass. Given that they love to drive around in the car with you, one would think that they getting them to the V-E-T wouldn’t be the ordeal that it is, but for any dog owner among us, you know that it’s a crisis.

There is something about visiting the doctor’s office that our dogs just pick up on – sometimes even before we’ve left the house. Our dog Bonita would sometimes know something was up, because we’d be taking our cat to the vet’s as well, so she’d be very reluctant to get into the car. And as soon as we’d turn down a specific street – no matter how many different routes to the vet’s we’d try – she’d always recognize where she was going and freak out.

In the following video, we see Enzo the German Shepherd, who is off to the vet’s office. Like all dogs, Enzo isn’t particularly fond of going to the vet’s – and who can blame him? We humans can relate, we all hate going to the dentist. Enzo goes into full panic mode once he realizes where he is. And while the video of a giant dog in hysterics over a doctor’s visit is a bit funny for any dog owner to relate to, you can’t help but feel bad for poor Enzo.

But Enzo’s family did clarify for viewers that Enzo is doing great after his little excursion to the vet’s. The visit was a result of Enzo’s allergies, which had been triggered by a recent relocation from a northern state down to a southern state. But other than that, this big boy is living his best life!

You can watch the video of Enzo’s vet trip below:

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