German Shepherd Thinks The Pet Bunny Rabbit Is Her Baby

There is no greater instinct than that of the maternal instinct. And animals have it just as powerful as humans, which is why we often see heartwarming stories of animals adopted orphaned babies that are not of their same species. Sometimes they’ll even take a liking to a grown animal that they end up treating as though it were their baby. And one very sweet German Shepherd was caught on camera after adopting a rabbit that she treated like her own puppy.

The dog’s owner filmed her dog showing her knowledge of the word “baby.” When the owner said it, the dog immediately got up and ran over to where her “baby” was.

However, her baby didn’t end up being a puppy or even another dog. Instead, it was an adorable rabbit whom she treated as though it were her own.

The German Shepherd can be seen in the footage first looking at the camera, then looking in the direction of her rabbit, eager for the owner to give her the command to go find her baby. And it’s a video that is so adorable, you can’t help but want to watch it over and over again. The delight with which the dog runs off whenever the owner asks, “Where is your baby?” is the absolute most precious thing we’ve seen. Clearly, that is one lucky rabbit to have a dog who cares so much for it.

As we see in the video, the rabbit’s cage is in one of the rooms on top of the placard, where the dog can easily go visit it and look at it. Then, when the owner instructs the dog to say “Hi,” to the bunny, this sweet girl gets up on her two legs in order to peer into the cage better – and she’s excited the whole time.

How sweet is that? It gives us all the feels.

Check out the video below:

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