Golden Retriever Brings His Stuffed Doggie Toy Everywhere

When we were kids we all had our favorite toy or favorite blanket that we brought everywhere with us. It was our security to make the big scary world seem less intense. I personally had a small brown plastic horse figurine named Penny that I used to take with me to most places – that is until I accidentally left her outside on a really hot summer day and she melted into oblivion like the Wicked Witch of the East. While we can probably all remember what our favorite toy was growing up, we definitely don’t need them now as adults. We’ve moved beyond needing to bring our favorite toys everywhere with us. 

But that doesn’t rule out our dogs. Much like kids, our dogs will also have their selection of favorite toys that they often play with. Or they may notice this toy’s absence if you end up sneaking it out of the toy bin for a quick wash. My dog’s favorite toy that she also treated like her baby was a stuffed purple octopus. She always knew when it was missing from her toy basket – even if she hadn’t played with it in a few days.

While most of our dogs have their favorite toys, not all of our dogs bring their plushies with them wherever they go. There are only a certain number of dogs who tend to do that. And one-year-old Barley is one of those canines. 

The adorable Golden Retriever from Amsterdam refuses to go anywhere without his stuffed rabbit, Fluffy. Fluffy is more than just a toy to the adorable pooch, he’s a friend and constant companion. Even though Barley is already grown, he’s clearly never going to outgrow this puppy side of him. He brings Fluffy absolutely everywhere with him. POPSUGAR reported that the stuffed rabbit toy has been by Barley’s side ever since Barley’s owner bought Fluffy in IKEA.

The toy is often featured on Barley’s Instagram page. The account has an astonishing 144k followers, and we can see why. The content of a happy pup always with his stuffed bunny is definitely the wholesome content we all desire!

How cute is Barley and his stuffed bunny? Does your dog have a favorite toy that they bring everywhere? Let us know!

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