Golden Retriever Gives His Brother A Hug After Stealing His Treat

Sibling rivalry is real, even in the animal kingdom. While we might have to deal with a sneaky sibling stealing food from us, our dogs have to face the same problems. And one video shows how a Golden Retriever has to apologize to his brother for stealing a treat from him. 

The duo, Watson and Kiko, were filmed by their owner who uploaded the adorable footage to Instagram. The post was captioned as “A dog’s way of saying sorry.”

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A dog’s way of saying sorry

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The apology is quite cute. 

The video showed how Watson got in trouble for being a bad boy and sneaking his older brother’s dog treat. The five-year-old pooch was caught, and he had to own up to his mistake. His owner asked him, “Do you understand when I’m talking to you?”

Watson seemed to understand, which led to the owner then ask about what happened to Kiko’s chewy treat. The owner was heard telling Watson, “You ate Kiko’s chewy so what do we say when we steal someone else’s chewy? Do you know?” 

This prompted Watson to go over to his older brother, the nine-year-old Kiko, and gave him a big hug. The adorable Goldie placed his two paws around the older dog in a demonstration of apology with the world’s cutest sibling hug.

Watson’s owner then praised the pooch for his apology, calling him a good boy. They didn’t forget about Kiko either, giving him reassurance that he’s a good boy two. This pair is just too cute!

The brothers have received a lot of attention from people online. One person wrote that they couldn’t get enough of the pair. Someone else wrote that Kiko and Watson were the “most adorable dogs ever.” And a third person chimed in with a similar sentiment about them being the cutest pairing they’d seen.

While the brothers made for great video entertainment, there was still a pressing question that a lot of people wanted answered. Everyone was curious about Kiko and if he ever got another treat to make up for the stolen one. The owner was happy to announce that indeed he did – Kiko didn’t have to go without.

Even though the two might have their occasional sibling spats, there is no doubt that these two are best friends. It’s a relationship that only brothers can understand. 

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