Golden Retriever Goes Viral For Growing A Tiny Mohawk

We all remember the unicorn dog, the golden retriever named Rae who was dubbed the nickname after she had an ear growing out of the top of her head. Pictures of the cute little pup with the deformity went viral and thus began Rae’s internet fame, with her Instagram page having well over 200,000 followers.

But hot on her heels is another little golden retriever, Stanley, that is gaining internet fame. He may only have just over 900 followers now, but we have a feeling that he’ll soon become well-known pet-fluencer on social media thanks to his adorable look. Stanley has a naturally occurring mohawk on top of his head, and it’s the cutest thing ever! 

The adorable pup from Pennsylvania is making people across the internet fawn over him and the tiny little mohawk that is growing out the top of his head. His owners, Megan Callahan and her husband, first met Stanley when he was just three weeks old. At the time they couldn’t take him home because he was too young. But they did note that he had what appeared to be a mohawk growing on his head.

When they picked him up when he was two months old, it seemed that the cute little mohawk they’d fallen in love with, had vanished. Assuming it was only something that he had early on as a little puppy, they took him home and forgot about it. But then it came back! And it appeared that this time the mohawk was going to be a permanent look.

As The Dodo reports, Stanley’s mohawk is most prominent when his fur is wet. And given that Stanley is a big fan of the water, he seems to always sporting his mohawk. But even dry, he’s still got a noticeable enough mohawk. Megan has stated that because of his look they are often stopped in public by people who want to take a picture of him or inquire about his hairdo. Megan has stated that the question she’s most often asked is whether or not his look is on purpose. 

While it’s a total natural coincidence, there is no denying that Stanley’s little teeny mohawk is just too cute. No doubt this pup will be reaching viral fame just like Rae very, very soon! What do you think of Stanley’s mohawk?

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