Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Jealous Of Mini Robotic Dog Toy

Whenever we bring home a new toy, it’s usually our dogs who are excited and intrigued by the new entertainment. However, that wasn’t the case with one Golden Retriever puppy. This adorable little pooch was less than pleased when his owners presented him with a new companion – a robotic mini version of the golden retriever.

The toy, which was sensory activated, would bark and move just like a real dog. While the owners figured that it was pretty cool and something that their pup would enjoy, they were quite mistaken.

Photo: Rumble

The hilarious reaction to the toy was caught on camera – and in the footage, you can see the puppy walk into the room in order to investigate the new toy. At first, he’s full of curiosity, even a little apprehensive with the toy at first.

His owner is heard asking, “Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good pup?”

Then, the puppy gives the toy a nudge with his nose before getting a hop.

The curiosity continues as he then gives it a jab with his paw, however, he’s too far away to make actual contact with it. Still, he’s feeling pretty invigorated with a new sense of confidence, so he tries the paw thing again.

Photo: Rumble

And it would seem that the adorable pup was less than impressed by the robotic dog. In fact, he begins to grow a little jealous.

His owner was giving him pets throughout the encounter, however, when the owner stops, she then tapped the toy dog and exclaimed, “Nice puppy!”

The little golden retriever is definitely confused by this and a little jealous as he doesn’t want to get replaced by the robotic toy. Having had enough, he decides that he’s going to protest, and begins packing at the toy.

Photo: Rumble

But it doesn’t seem to work, as the toy just continues to sit there.

His owner then added, “Who’s a good dog?”

The little dog then barked once more at the toy, before he settled down into his owner’s lap, making sure he reminded the room that he is number one.

And you can watch the adorable scene unfold in the video below:

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