Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave The Pet Store

Dogs love our company. They make it very clear that we’re the apples of their eyes, the mac to their cheese, the peanut butter to their jelly…you get the point. If you’re a dog owner yourself, you know this to be true. That is why, outings with our dogs can be lots of fun, even if it’s just a brief trip to the pet store with them to pick up a few supplies.

And because they love us so much, our dogs enjoy these outings with us, sometimes to the point of never wanting the adventure to end. Hence why it’s often a struggle to get them to agree to go home. How many of us have to plead and promise our dogs lots of treats and cuddles if they just obey us and leave the dog park or the pet store without a fuss? While we often see videos online of stubborn dogs refusing to budge, others try to be more proactive in how they attempt to prolong their stay in a place that they find entertaining.

One Golden Retriever from Glenview, Illinois, threw what can only be described as a temper tantrum when his owner attempted to get him to leave his favorite pet store: Bentley’s Pet Stuff.

Rufio clearly was having a fun time and didn’t want to go home. Rather than just obeying his owner and following her out of the store, this stubborn pooch puts up a bit of a fight.

The whole thing was caught on camera and uploaded to social media, where he quickly gained the sympathy of views for his adorable little meltdown.

In the video, Rufio can be seen laying down in protest. He digs in deep as his frustrated owner tries to drag him out. Refusing to go home, he takes his protest even further when he rolls onto his back and puts all his weight into the ground. Clearly, Rufio was not going to take no for an answer.

You can watch the entire thing on video below:

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