Golden Retriever Refuses To Let His Wheelchair Stop Him Jumping Into The Pool

Dogs are very grounded in the present moment, which is perhaps why they can seemingly overcome any major obstacle that they face. And one golden retriever is in a wheelchair battling cancer couldn’t resist the urge to take a plunge in the pool – wheelchair and all.

The dog, appropriately named Lion, didn’t show any fear when he went charging for the poolside, despite the fact that he was battle cancer which had left him wheelchair-bound.

Picture: Instagram

The lion-hearted 11-year-old pup lives in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where his family owns and operates a bed and breakfast. He has a playmate in the form of another dog named Taiia. During a sunny day in January, Lion was caught on camera doing something bold.

The two dogs, Lion and Taiia, have their own account on Instagram, @goldentaiia, where their family will often post pictures of the two, along with videos. This particular video really got people smiling, as it featured Lion doing something that reminds us all to just be present in the moment.

Picture: Instagram

Taiia was out in the back enjoying a swim in the family’s pool. Despite being wheelchair-bound and battle cancer, Lion did not let himself be deterred from partaking in the fun himself. The camera captured the moment that Lion went charging straight for the pool, despite a family member, Monica, trying to stop him.

Picture: Instagram

But his determination won, and he went for it. He even ended up taking a poolside chair with him, since it was clear that nobody and nothing was going to stand in his way.

Picture: Instagram

Monica stepped in and grabbed the chair knowing that it was the least she could do for this determined dog. And it was heartwarming to watch for all those involved since, despite his need for a wheelchair, it turned out the Lion was still a strong swimmer.

He even managed to get himself loose from his wheelchair once he was in the water, and easily joined Taiia for a swim together.

Picture: Instagram

When the video was uploaded to their Instagram, the dogs’ followers quickly fell in love with the video, making it go viral. It received plenty of likes as well as thousands of comments.

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Lion meu amor bom dia. Como estão as coisas por aí?! Você tem visitado muitas tias e tios? Tem se jogado na piscina da pousada adoidado não tem??!!! A Taiia nadou com você outro dia que eu sei. Sei também que esteve aqui e também visitou outras tias. Faça isso amor, de um lambeijo nesse povo incrível que você conquistou e hoje podemos chamar de amigos. Não seria preciso tebetê para mamãe homenagear você. Farei isso até o fim dos meus dias. Essa foto do @pedrocarvalho_oficial contigo nossa como parece uma despedida. Foi assim que o Pedro me disse. Essa foto foi feira 14 horas antes de você partir. O Pedro estava a três dias pedindo Katia por favor trás o Lion aqui mas eu estava com medo de você fazer merda lá e pular na piscina com aqueles hóspedes nojentos que estavam lá lembra?! Acredita que quando deram review disseram que a pousada não é boa?! Imagina se vissem aquele show que só você sabia fazer?!!! Ahhhhh meu amor se eu soubesse eu teria levado você para nadar com o tio Pedro todos os dias. Eu pediu tanto. Agora a mãe não cansa de olhar para essa foto linda. 🌟

A post shared by 🎀Taiia e 🌟Lion🌟 (@goldentaiia) on

Lion might not have realized it, but he certainly shared an important lesson with the world that no matter what challenges you may be facing, you can always take a moment to just enjoy your surroundings and be in the present.

You can watch the adorable video below:

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Gente do céu eu com o tendão de Aquiles inflamado só querendo cama e gelo tive que me virar nos trinta para receber nossa querida Monica para fotografar as crianças. Estava tudo bem até que o furacão chamado Lion coloca fogo no parquinho! 🤦‍♀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . . . #omg @gooddogfotografia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gloriousgoldens #goldenretriever #ilovegoldens #instagoldenretriever #goldentaiia #goldenretrievers #lionthegoldenforever #goldensofinstagram #lifedog #doglovers #amormaiordomundo #ferradurinha #ilovebuzios #dogs_of_world #animalplanet #instapetbrasil #instagoldens #petsofinstagram #cutedogs #buzios #lionthegolden #lionthegoldenforever #animallovers #thegoldenlion

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