Great Dane Gets Emotional When He Sees His Owner After Days Apart

If you’re a dog owner, you know just how difficult it can be to leave your dog. And we’re not even talking about leaving them for a long 2-week vacation, we’re talking a short trip away that only lasts a couple of days. While it’s only just a few days, it still always feels like a lifetime to our dogs. And if there are any dog owners who frequently have to travel for business, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about.

When one Great Dane, Kernel, was left at a kennel for three days, his world came to an end. Of course, Kernel’s owner had no intention of abandoning the dog, he just needed to drop him off for a three-day stay.

That is one thing that our dogs will never understand, is that it’s nothing personal, it’s just something we sometimes have to do since we can’t take them with us – as much as we’d all love to.

However, unlike cats, dogs are much more forgiving and much more happy and relieved to see us when we go pick them up from their stay in the kennel. And Kernel was no different. Even though he was well-cared for during his stay in the kennel, there is no substitute for his owner. That is the best thing about dogs, they truly think the world of their humans.

The big dog turned into a joyful puddle of mush as soon as he saw his owner returning for him – and it’s just the sweetest reaction ever! You’ll probably need a tissue or two to view. The reunion between the two – even after just three days apart – is one that is so sweet to witness. Any dog owner who has had to board their dog in a kennel can probably relate to the feelings in this video.

It is clear that these two are best friends. No wonder Kernel was so happy to see his owner show up again.

Watch the video clip below:

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