Groom Surprises His Bride With Her Dream Puppy At Their Wedding

Weddings. They’re one of the most important days of our lives. They’re also a day when we can expect to get the slow cooker or monogrammed set of mugs that we’ve been dying to get since many of us receive presents on our wedding day.

But sometimes, some spouses choose to surprise each other with a small gift as a way of showing each other that they care. Giving your new spouse a wedding gift is a great way to get personal and show them just how much you love them and know them as a person.

So, when a groom named Jeff was planning to surprise Jenna, his bride, he knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to go all out. He decided to give her the ultimate wedding gift, and he pulled it off in a very clever way.

Just after their ceremony, while everyone was still high on emotions, Jeff gave a speech to Jenna where he told her that the two of them had now become “a family of three.”

Naturally confused, Jenna didn’t know what he meant by that statement – and we can only imagine what must’ve been going through her mind. But then, all her confusion faded away when she noticed to the side, a woman walking over with a puppy!

Jenna’s dream puppy was a British Labrador Retriever, and that is exactly what Jeff surprised her with for their wedding.

Looks like Jeff is already off to a good start with the whole husband thing!
Watch the cute video below:

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