Grumpy Cat Refuses To Take A Picture With The Dogs

Cats. They are quite independent creatures who love to do their own thing. There is nothing that cats detest more than someone trying to tell them what to do. In their minds, it’s their world, and we all just live in it. It’s part of their charm.

Cats and dogs are quite different animals. It doesn’t mean that they can’t get along, but it certainly means that their differences are like night and day. One animal is calm, collected, and quiet, the other is happy, jovial, and energetic. It’s just part of what makes cats and dogs who they are.

And one video perfectly captured the fundamental differences between cats and dogs.

Needless to say, the footage was so adorable of a little family feud between three dogs and the cat, that it quickly went viral after Madeyousmile uploaded the clip to Twitter.

Photo: Twitter/Madeyousmile

In the video, you see three dogs, all dressed in their finest outfits, posing for a family picture. They look eager and happy to make their owner happy with the family photo. You know, typical dog behavior. Of course, to the side of them, is one miserable-looking cat. He was clearly not happy about being forced to join in the family photo. And doing what cats do best, he was not even remotely willing cooperate with the picture-taking. In fact, he stared off into the distance, with a face on him like sour milk.

Any pet owner who has both cats and dogs will know just how frustrating it can be trying to get everyone together for a family photo. On one hand, getting your dogs to pose is no big deal – if anything, getting them to bring their energy levels down a notch is the real struggle. However, getting a cat to remotely pose, let alone look happy, is a nearly impossible feat. And this cute little grumpy feline was close to ruining a beautiful family moment.

However, one of the dogs in the picture did notice that the cat was not doing what was required of him. That is when the dog adorably decided to intervene and do something. The dog can be seen walking over to the cat, picking him up, and dragging him towards to family fun.

Photo: Twitter/Madeyousmile

As you can imagine, the cat was less than thrilled about being manhandled by the dog. The squirming cat tried to get away, but the golden retriever obviously had the size advantage, and used it to keep the grumpy cat in place with his paw.

The most adorable thing was probably when the canine looked up towards the camera, as though searching for his owner’s approval in helping to wrangle the uncooperative feline.

While the whole scene unfolding only lasted a few seconds before the cat got his way again and resumed sulking in the corner with his back turned, it was still so cute to watch. The fact that the dog tried to get him properly involved in the family photo was just so precious. There is no doubt a sibling bond exists within that furry family.

And it is adorable! It certainly gives us all the feels watching it back.

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