Guard Dog Gets Confused By The New Motion-Detecting Security Camera

Many of us care about the security of our homes. That is why we purchase home monitoring systems and set ourselves up with cameras in order to keep an eye on everything going on around our homes. Of course, this also means that there is a margin of humor to be had when our security cameras pick up funny things – like our dogs being their adorable selves.

One Rhode Island resident, Joe Corsi, did what many of us do, and set up his home with a security camera to be able to watch what is going on while he wasn’t at home. Of course, what he didn’t anticipate when he bought it and set it up, was that his German Shepherd dog would grow intrigued by it.

Shortly after setting up his new camera system, Joe received a notification while he was out of the house. Concerned, he switched on his live feed in order to see what was going on. What he saw was hilarious. The three-year-old Sasha was sitting before the camera, studying it quite intently. It was as though she was trying to figure out exactly what it was. 

Joe immediately shared the video to social media, stating, “When your security camera detects some motion and for the sake of confirmation when you take out your mobile to watch the live feed, then what happens? just watch the video.” 

Sasha was quite engrossed in the observation of the camera. In the video, you can even see her ears move back and forth with curiosity. She even tilts her head – it’s adorable! 

Naturally, it didn’t take long for her video footage to become a viral hit, as so many people were charmed by the dog’s intrigue of the camera lens.

In fact, one person on Facebook commented on the video, stating, “There are two security systems in the footage, one based on high technology, and the other with no tech”. 

There were plenty of others on social media who liked and shared the post. It proved to be so popular, that Joe ended up creating Sasha her own Instagram and she ended up gaining herself quite the following. 

Watch the precious video that began it all below:

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