Hiker Risks Her Life To Save A Stranded Puppy In Colorado

There isn’t much that we wouldn’t do for our pets. They’re our companions who we adore. So if our beloved pooch was to run into a bit of danger, there is no doubt that we’d do our best to protect them and keep them safe. A group of friends was out in the Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado, enjoying the great outdoors. Like many other dog owners, one of the friends in the group brought along their three-month-old puppy. It wasn’t supposed to be anything out of the ordinary, but it quickly took a turn for the tragic when the puppy ended up slipping down 15 feet where it became trapped on the ledge.

That is when the other friends in the group decided to step up to the challenge and try to rescue the little pup. One of the men in the group went down to the very bottom in order to catch the puppy if it were to fall further down the side. And then another member of the group, a 25-year-old woman from Denver, scaled down the side in order to try to get the puppy. However, she lost traction and ended up falling 30 feet down! Fortunately for her, the man who had climbed down to wait at the bottom had managed to break her fall. 

Fortunately, the woman didn’t sustain any serious injuries. When the emergency responders showed up around 11:30 in the morning, they immediately took her to the St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. The male hiker was also taken in but released as he had very minor injuries as well. 

As for the puppy, she was fine. According to a post by the Sn Miguel County Sheriff, “One of our newest rescuers, a recent graduate of Telluride High School and skilled rock climber, reached ‘Blue’ the puppy via rigged ropes, placed her in a harness, and brought her safely to her owner. The puppy was uninjured.” 


At least this story had a happy ending for all involved. And there is no denying that this dog owner has some really great friends for risking their own lives to get down to her puppy – so kind! 

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