Homeless Man Pleas With Public To Find His Dog After It Was Stolen

Nathan is a homeless man from Sydney, Australia who has been sleeping rough outside a Hungry Jack’s. His constant companion is his beloved dog, Shaggy. The adorable older pup went missing from the Circular Quay area after Nathan went to go use the public bathrooms. 

Nathan had only been gone about two and a half minutes. He was shocked and devastated to return to see that Shaggy was missing. He is now putting up a $300 reward for Shaggy’s return. His plea for Shaggy’s return was shared to Facebook by the Pet Detective Service, Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge.

The post included a picture of Nathan’s cardboard sign, as well as a picture of Shaggy. The sign that Nathan wrote said, “Please help, she is all I have.” It also described Shaggy as “an older, dark brown small-breed dog.”

Photo: Arthur & Co Pet Concierge

The caption for the post read, “Please SHARE and [call] 0406 834 001 with ANY INFO. This little dog is MISSING/SUSPECTED STOLEN from CIRCULAR QUAY, Sydney. LAST SEEN 2pm on 30/08/20. This little sweetie is a HOMELESS PERSON’S PET. She isn’t micro-chipped. (Arthur & Co. will assist with vet care and food once the dog is found).”

Losing Shaggy has left Nathan completely devastated. He has been unable to sleep since she went missing. When he first discovered that she was missing, he was so overwhelmed with panic that he began shouting for help. As he shared, many people assumed he was mentally unstable – even a policeman had promised to come back and assist, but never did. The entire experience was very heartbreaking for Nathan who shared that he ended up sinking down onto his bed and weeping. 

The pet detective agency, Arthur & Co., has already announced that they will be providing assistance with anything that Shaggy may need – vet bills, food, etc. – once she is returned. They are begging the public to assist with finding her by sharing their post.

Both Nathan and Shaggy have been best friends after he rescued her around Christmas time last year. He’d found the poor dog abandoned in a dumpster in Surry Hills, Sydney. The poor dog had been dumped with a shopping cart stacked on top of her! After rescuing her, Nathan managed to nurse her back to health. The pair have been caring for one another ever since. 

Photo: Arthur & Co Pet Concierge

Nathan even admitted that he does his best to take the utmost care of Shaggy, even forgoing food for himself in order to make sure Shaggy is well-provided for. He stated, “I’m very picky about what she eats.”

While the man might have been the one to care for Shaggy after rescuing her, as he has stated, “I saved her but really she saved me.”

Any person with a heart can only imagine the amount of pain that Nathan is experiencing after the loss of Shaggy. That is why anyone who may have some information about the case is urged to get in contact with Arthur & Co.

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