Horse And Dog Finally Reunite After 7 Months Apart

Everyone knows that dogs are very friendly animals. That is made quite clear any time we take our dogs out for a walk – they’re ready to go be friends with anyone that they might pass by. It’s this kind of joyful spirit that dogs have that make us love them so much. It’s also that same energy that makes it possible for other animals to be friends with them as well.

The internet has plenty of photos and videos that show the strong bonds of friendship that develop between dogs and other animals. And one little dog and a horse have formed a very endearing friendship. For anyone who has ever owned a horse or spent time around them, you know that they’re pretty loving and gentle creatures. They’re like giant dogs themselves. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a dog and a horse who quickly become besties. 

Balu the dog and Rita the horse normally would do everything together. They were known to take strolls together in the field in addition to other activities like napping with one another and playing around. However, things temporarily changed. 

Rita had run away from home. This resulted in her being caught by a farmer who then refused to part with her. The quest to get Rita back ended up becoming a lengthy battle in the court system. However, she finally did get to return home after 7 long months – months that Balu was missing his best friend. 

But their reunion was one for books. The two animals showed just how strong their friendship really was to have survived 7 months of separation. When they got to see one another it was as though no time had passed. Each animal lavished the other in cuddles and kisses. It was truly heartwarming to watch.

Check out their reunion in the video below:


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