How To Groom Your Dog At Home With Hair Clippers

a dog before and after a hair cut

How bored are you at home right now? Are you bored enough to try trimming your own bangs? If you’re finding yourself bored and to the point of possibly trying to cut your own hair, why not get some practice in first. Why not give your dog a hair cut first? Dogs love us, so they will only be more than happy to agree to be our little guinea pigs. Or perhaps you just want to trim your dog’s hair because the groomer is closed. Either way, here are some tips and tricks to cutting your dog’s hair at home:

Tips and Tricks

Preparation Makes Perfect

Most of us think that the hard part of cutting our dog’s hair is the actual act of trimming. But it actually isn’t. In order for the process to go smoothly, you first have to make sure you’ve got everything perfectly prepared in order to start.

Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

– figure out what you want your dog to look like first. If you have a Rough Collie dog, then giving it a Poodle’s hair cut is probably not what you want, so research how much to trim off their coat by looking into their grooming techniques
– decide whether to use scissors or clippers. Similar to the above point, the amount of hair you want to take off will determine whether you use scissors or clippers to get the job done.
– if you’re going with clippers, consider getting the quietest ones in order to keep your dog from freaking out when you turn them on. Also, make sure they’re sharp and well-oiled before use.
– if you have decided to use scissors, also make sure that they’re sharp and properly suited to your dog’s type of coat and thickness. Also, make sure you have a smaller, blunt-ended pair for the more sensitive areas.
– familiarize yourself with your dog’s coat, such as the length, thickness, direction of growth, and the sensitive areas to be careful around, such as the nipples, claws, face, and genitalia.

Clippers versus Scissors

Using clippers is a good idea for either short-haired dogs, already-sheered dogs who need a touch-up, dogs in need of a massive makeover, or owners who are nervous about their skill level. Clippers make it easy to glide over a dog’s coat if you’ve got unsteady hands because the use of guided attachments.

The best way to ensure great results is to wash your dog beforehand and make sure to comb through all knots and mats in order to reduce the risk of the clippers getting caught and pulling your dog’s hair. Go with the grain of the hair in order to ensure clean lines and an even finish. When using clippers, start and the back of the neck and work your way down. Chat to your dog throughout the process and give them plenty of praise so they’re not as nervous. And at the end of it all, be sure you reward them with a treat or two.

For dogs with longer hair, clippers might not be suitable – especially if you’re just going for a trim. Before you start hacking away, make sure you know just how much you want to take off. And once you do start working, make sure that you go slowly and gently. Trimming your dog’s coat with scissors is certainly not a job to do when you’re pressed for time, make sure you can take your time. And always be careful to avoid angling the scissors with the sharp end pointing at their skin, you don’t want any accidents. While you’re grooming your dog, be sure to talk to them throughout, and when finished, give them lots of praise and treats.

For more help on how to get your dog looking good, check out the grooming video below:

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