Husband Tries To Help His Wife By Bringing The Dog To The Groomer, Comes Home With The Wrong Dog

Sometimes we try to help, only to have our assistance go wrong with disastrous consequences. However, sometimes you’ll get lucky and those you were trying to help will see the humor in the misfortune – like Rudy Salazar’s wife.

Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar

Rudy had tried to be a good husband and help his wife alleviate some of her workload by going to the dog groomers with their dog, BooBear.

Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar

He was more than happy to help and set off for the groomers where he dropped off BooBear. All was normal, he returned a few hours later to pick up BooBear and then came home.

That is where his mistake was pointed out to him: he had brought home the wrong dog.

Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar

He didn’t see his error, but his wife certainly did the minute he stepped foot through the door.

Dog named Coco aka wrong dog

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Thursday, December 26, 2019

In the video, Rudy can be seen attempting to defend his mistake by telling her that the groomers sent him home with the wrong dog.

It would seem that perhaps the mix-up occurred since the Rudy’s wife and the wrong dog both share the same name: Coco.

But not to worry, all is well that ends well as Rudy was able to right his wrong and get his BooBear back, as well as return Coco the dog to their correct owner.

However, this hilarious blunder will not soon be forgotten as the video of Rudy and his case of mistaken identity are currently a viral hit.

Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar
Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar
Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar
Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar
Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar
Photo: Facebook / CoCo Salazar

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