Huskies Wake Their Neighbors In The Morning With A Concert

Huskies are very vocal dogs. It happens to be their signature trait – that one thing that is common knowledge about the breed. We’ve all seen the various videos of these sassy dogs having the last word with their poor owners. In college I had a friend who had two Huskies. Between the two of them there was hardly ever a moment of silence in his house. His two Huskies were quite a rowdy and feisty pair. Most of the time they just made low grumbling sounds – mainly when they were told “no” for something that they wanted. But occasionally they would howl together. This usually occurred when they heard another dog in the neighborhood barking. 

But there was a particular pack of huskies who specifically put on quite a show for their whole neighborhood in the mornings. These four huskies are videotaped in the yard of a home “singing the song of their people.” It’s a pretty serene setting with the snow lightly falling and the Huskies all howling in unison together. It almost evokes a feeling of being out in the wilderness and getting serenaded by wolves. There is something innately primal yet beautiful about the Huskies sharing a tune together. 

These dogs’ acapella was kickstarted by their owner. He let out a howl himself and that was all it took to get the four singing. While it’s a truly special serenade, we can’t help but wonder what the neighbors must think. Personally, if I woke up to that I would assume that a pack of wolves had found their way into my neighborhood. But the video was appropriately captioned on social media, “These Huskies really love to sing, especially int mornings! Sorry neighbors!”

Hopefully these pups didn’t start their early morning singing too early, everyone does need their beauty sleep!

Watch the video below:

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