Husky Puppy Meets His Father For The First Time

Most of us go to family reunions at least once a year. They can be for the holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, or for big family milestone events such as weddings, birthdays, or graduations. It’s something that is quite common for us humans. For our dogs, family reunions aren’t a common occurrence. Most of our dogs may have never even met their parents. But sometimes, incredible reunions happen between dogs and their family members. And the results are usually very heartwarming and tender to witness. 

And someone managed to capture the moment that a Siberian Husky family was able to meet for the first time. It was as touching as anyone would expect. In the video, a 7-week-old little pup gets to meet his father for the first time. The father and son looked exactly alike, something that the little pup and his dad seemed to pick up on right away. The two of them even had similar mannerisms.

When the two of them first met, they didn’t really know what to do with one another. Someone brought in the puppy to the room and placed him on the ground in front of the dog dad. The dad was a little confused as to who the little mini-me was. He hesitantly sniffed the puppy, who did the same, curious as to who the big dog was. The two of them took a few moments to get fully comfortable with one another – something that everyone has to do at a family gathering. We all have that one aunt or uncle that it’s hard to have a conversation with. However, the moment that the dad and his pup realized who the other was, the two started to play with one another. It was clear after these two met that they would quickly become best friends. 

Watch these two interacting for the first time in the clip below:

Hopefully they were about to forge a relationship that lasts a while. What do you think of these two? Has your dog ever been introduced by a member of their family? Let us know!

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