Husky Throws A Temper Tantrum When It’s Time To Leave The Park

As much as dogs love to spend time with us, they also love to spend plenty of time outside. And if you have a dog and you take them regularly to the dog park, then you know first hand how hard it can sometimes be to get them to leave. For some dog owners, telling your dog it’s time to go home can actually turn out to be much more difficult than corralling them for bath time or getting them to go inside the vet’s office.

While most of our dogs will just hesitate a few seconds before following us back to the car, some dogs will take a much more proactive approach in their refusal to go home. Some dogs will just downright throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the dog park when it’s time to go home. There are those among us that have probably either been that pet parent with the stubborn dog having a meltdown, or been a dog owner giving a fellow pet parent that sympathetic smile as we witness their dog throwing a tantrum after being told it’s time to go.

Of course, some breeds of dogs are a little more prone to being headstrong and sassy when it comes to getting their way. And anyone who has ever owned a husky has almost certainly been that pet parent trying to coax their dog home from a fun outing at the dog park. Huskies are well known for being sassy and often talking back and standing their ground in protest if you deny them their requests. And this particular husky clearly did not want to go home. So, rather than comply with his owner’s request, this husky decided that it was time to be stubborn. And boy, did he give his owner a hard time.

You can watch this precious pup’s reaction to leaving in the video below:

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