Husky Throws Massive Temper Tantrum Over Sitting In Mom’s Chair

Huskies and their temper tantrums. They’re as delightful a combination as mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Watching videos of huskies having tantrums never gets old. These dogs are always full of personality and sass, and they make for great entertainment. 

The best thing about a husky meltdown is that it can happen over anything. These stubborn dogs can get upset over the silliest of things, like being asked to move from a certain spot. And when a husky is not happy about something, they will let you know. These dogs are quite vocal, and they will tell you every single thing that they’re thinking. They’ll also insist on having the last word as well. 

That is exactly what happened when Remy the husky was laying in his owner’s favorite chair. After being called out, Remy refused to move from the seat. And he had a lot to say about it as well. 

The owner recorded their back and forth argument after she discovered Remy lounging in her favorite chair. According to the owner, they’d had this conversation before. Clearly Remy was not listening to the prior chats about sleeping in Mommy’s chair. 

As soon as the pooch was called out, he knew he was in the wrong. His tail began doing that guilty-dog wag. However, he also started groaning in protest which indicated he didn’t feel that bad about it either. Perhaps he felt guilty that he got caught? We can only assume that was the case.

Watch Remy’s hilarious argument with his owner in the footage below:

How many husky owners can relate to this? Let us know!

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