Husky Tries To Wake His Owner But Ends Up Snuggling With Him Instead

Some people are just not morning people. I am one of these people. I detest the sound of my alarm in the mornings. And I think that everyone else who hates mornings can agree that the worst sound is an alarm. But what is a better alternative? A dog! A dog will happily wake you up early but the experience is much more pleasant than a jarring beep over and over again. 

While some dogs are great at being a furry alarm for their humans in the morning, there are others who tend to slack on the job. Max the husky is one of these adorable slackers. In the video, Max is hopping up on his owner’s bed, ready to wake him for the day. He’s happily licking him and making classic husky noises, all in an attempt to rouse his sleeping owner.

But his owner is not giving in. Max’s human continues to lay in bed. He gently nudges the husky away. When the pup comes back, he gives him a little rub. It would appear that this prompted Max to get a little lazy in his duties. 

When it became apparent to the dog that he was getting nowhere with his owner, he decided to just give up. Rather than continuing to pester the owner until he got out of bed, Max figured he’d catch up on some sleep as well. The fluffy pooch threw himself down on the bed beside his owner, snuggling up close, and settled down for a nap. 

In this battle of the wills, it was the human who came out on top. Normally the stubbornness of huskies would win, but not in this case. Better luck next time, Max!

Watch the adorable video below:

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