Before you set off for adventure with your dogs, prepare yourself with our most popular products, from our popular training leads to Cesar’s best-selling books. We’ve even got your car seats covered from summer sand and dirt.
Don’t miss out on this chance to learn personally with Cesar at his Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I and II courses, coming to the DPC September 6 to17, back-to-back.
Cesar will be starting another live tour in 2018, but you can get your tickets now or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed as dates are added!
As temperatures soar, our cars can become deathtraps for our dogs. Here are the Here are the steps you can take to prevent a tragedy.
Simplicity is key and you can't find a simpler or more effective tool than Cesar’s Nylon Training Leads — now in more colors so you and your dog can walk in style.
Bonnie the dog getting her cheek swabed for a dog DNA test
Paul Kersh

Dogs can’t tell us who their ancestors were — but their DNA can, and sometimes the results can be surprising, as one Cesar’s Way staffer learned.

Woman walking a pack od dogs

As you apply Cesar's Essentials, you will come to an almost intuitive understanding of her needs. When you achieve this, you, like your dog, will be living...

Hand holding a dogs paw
Tatiana Makotra/

Dogs are finding an increasing role in educating children, the disabled, at-risk youth, and prisoners. Here are a few successful programs.

Gilles Bensimon

Cesar's video talking about how Daddy’s instinct and intuition helped him choose Junior, the perfect puppy for the family.

Dog sniffing grass

Does your dog eat poop? A vet explains why this happens and how to stop the behavior.

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