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Solutions to a biting puppy
Join Andre Millan and DPC trainer Todd Langston as they discuss simple ways to break the habit in an exclusive video.
Get started on the right paw!
Our three-piece Dog Fundamentals Kit is a crash course in achieving harmony and balance.
Dog in a hot car
An oven on wheels
At just 80°, the temperature inside a closed car can hit 100° in just ten minutes, overwhelming a dog's ability to stay cool.
Dogs can't hide
Can you find the dog in this picture? Mosquitoes can! To find out why that's a problem and enter to win a $500 Visa® gift card, click Learn more.
Man showing affection to dog while exercising.

It is only when we start living more instinctually that we learn one of the most important things we need to have a balanced dog: Our goal is not to make...

Young puppy kissing young boys face

To facilitate a smooth transition and a happy life for all of the parties involved, a new dog should be compatible with your family. Here are our tips to...

Cesar with a dog in a car

Bringing your dog on vacation adds to the fun, but you need to do your homework before you leave home.

Small dog having nail clipped

If you plan on trimming your dog's nails, ask your veterinary staff to show you how to trim nails to keep them close to the quick (live part of the toenail...

Dog sitting on a chewed up chair

Cesar Millan's practical tips to help dog separation anxiety.


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