Inmates Helped Keep Shelter Dogs Calm During The Fireworks Display

July is always a prime time for fireworks. Coming up to the Fourth of July, and even into the weeks after the national holiday, fireworks are often random occurrences. If you’re like me, those random pops throughout the evening are a bit startling. But for dogs, random fireworks can be even more upsetting. And on the actual Independence Day, it’s pure hell for our poor pups.

It’s no secret that dogs and fireworks do not mix well. Almost every dog owner I’ve spoken to has some horror story that involves how their pooches react to the loud bangs of the bright and colorful displays that we all love. When it comes to fireworks, everyone has a different approach as to how to keep their pups calm during loud displays. But who is there for the shelter dogs who still don’t have a forever home? Who calms them? One shelter has the help of some local inmates.

The Brevard County Jail inmates were tasked with keeping the dogs of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Center relaxed during this year’s festivities – and we can only imagine how nice it must’ve been for the inmates to get to spend time with dogs. The inmates got to pass the time easing the dogs’ fears by reading to, playing with, and feeding them. And in return, the dogs had lots of love to give as a thank you for their care.

As the sheriff’s office stated, their overall aim was to not only keep the dogs calm, but also help foster a sense of purpose within the inmates themselves. The sheriff’s office further noted that by giving inmates a purpose and imparting some empathy through their care for animals, it’ll hopefully allow them to better transition back into society once their sentences are complete. 

Florida Inmates Will Comfort Dogs At Animal Shelter During 4th of July FireworksFor most people, the Fourth of July…

Posted by Shelter Me on Saturday, July 4, 2020

It was actually citizens who gave the sheriff’s office the idea to use inmates to care for shelter dogs during firework season as a way of rehabilitating them. And it turns out that this is the second year in a row that the inmates at the jail have been in charge of easing the dogs’ stress.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a thank you on Facebook, writing, “I want to personally thank everyone at our Animal Care Center, our Work Crew Supervisors, and of course the inmates for dedicating their time to help our furry citizens rest peacefully this Fourth of July and of course our citizens for all they do to help keep our community a great place to call home.”

That is wonderful that these dogs have people to care for them during one of the most stressful times of the year for our furry friends. What do you think of the inmates’ work with animals at the Brevard County Animal Care Center? Let us know!

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