Jake Gyllenhaal Rushed Into NYC Traffic To Save A Stranded Dog

Jake Gyllenhaal is used to playing a hero on the big screen. The well-known actor is already a treasure, but now we can love him even more since he is a real life hero as well. The actor recently saved a stranded Dalmatian after he ran out into a busy intersection in New York. Yikes! That really is heroism.

The incident occurred after he spotted the stranded dog in the middle of the road while he was on a walk through lower Manhattan. Naturally, as any dog-lover would do, he didn’t hesitate to spring into action.

Photo: Flickr / Pulkit Sinha

As Page Six reports, “The dog was on a leash, but had gotten away from its owner, who was too small to control the bulky beast, which the spy estimated to be about three feet tall.”

At first, he tried unsuccessfully to get the dog to come out of the intersection.

As an eyewitness pointed out, “It was like the dog was in shock or something.”

That is when Gyllenhaal bravely went into the traffic himself, “bringing cars to a standstill” and he was able to get the dog to calm down, and coaxed it back to safety where it was reunited with its owner. Eyewitnesses hailed him a hero.

Thankfully, the dog was unharmed. Gyllenhaal even took some time to talk to the Dalmatian’s owners about options for leashes that could prevent this sort of accident from happening again in the future.

It’s no secret that Gyllenhaal is a big fan of dogs. He once told W magazine during an interview, “I love dogs, I just love them. They are so playful. I think they bring that out in us if we allow it. I don’t think I’m that playful, generally. I need to be reminded of it. So, they remind me of that.”

What a nice guy. We’re so glad that the actor was able to save the Dalmatian before anything bad happened.


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