Jealous Dog Gets Green With Envy When His Owners Cuddle Without Him

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that dogs can be quite needy sometimes. They want our attention, and they want it all the time. But it’s understandable, we are their best friends and we often shower them with loads of affection and cuddles anyway, so it’s no wonder that they want to be with us 24/7. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t always be there to give them attention.

And one dog just so happened to want his owner’s attention while he was trying to take a nap. Unfortunately, for the owner, there wasn’t going to be much restful sleep until Benny got his attention.

In the hilarious video, the very needy little canine’s two owners are cuddling on the couch. That is when the pooch decided that he was going to break it up since he was in need of attention. That is the funny thing about dogs, they will often come between us and other loved ones because in their mind, how dare we show anyone else attention? And that’s exactly what Benny was thinking.

The jealous pooch was finally appeased as soon as he was in the middle of his owners – separating them from one another. Of course, breaking into the cuddle circle was much harder than it appeared, and the resulting footage was nothing short of entertaining. As Benny was trying to get his owners’ full attention, he kept shooting them offended “how dare you cuddle without me,” trying to get them to feel guilty for spending time together without him.

How many of us dog owners have experienced that from one or more of our dogs? But as soon as they’re with us, all is forgiven – the same was true of Benny. He was completely happy once he was back to being the center of attention.

There is no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend thanks to instances like this. They clearly want to be our best friends all the time, and it’s adorable to watch them do their best to always maintain a position of absolute affection.

Watch Benny get in on the doggie love in the video below:


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