Jennifer Aniston Shares Photos Of Her Dogs’ ‘Big Day’ In Quarantine

So far, 2020 has been a very bizarre year. Mainly because we’re living through an actual global pandemic – something most of us have only ever seen in disaster movies, or read in history books. But, here we are. And one thing that is certain about the current COVID-19 pandemic, is that the virus does not discriminate, so we all have to do our part to stay inside and flatten the curve. This means that celebrities also have stay inside just like the rest of us. Of course, most celebrities have been posting little glimpses into their lives in quarantine.

The latest to give us a taste of their isolation is Jennifer Aniston, who shared some pictures of her dogs. This is big, considering that the usually private Aniston shared back-to-back pictures of her dogs to her Instagram Story. Both of her adorable dogs were sleeping in the photos, leading Aniston to post the funny captions, “Big day…” and “Exhausted.”

In addition to the adorable pictures of her sleeping doggies, Aniston also uploaded two posts which joked about the current lockdown situation.

The first one said, “You can’t sleep? Have you tried meditating, then reading for an hour, then going to the couch, then back to bed, then counting backward from ten million, then taking a sleeping pill?”

While the other one said, “Go to sleep. Everything will be worse in the morning.”

Aniston followed up that second post with her own caption, “Well, see you here again tomorrow.”

Aniston has admitted that since the stay-at-home protocols were first introduced in March, the first thing that she did was to clean out her closet. We’re sure her dogs kept her company for that task. She has also stated that staying home wasn’t a big shift for her, as she’s an “agoraphobe.” However, she’s got her dogs so it can’t be all that bad?

Aniston has been keeping busy by doing a lot for the community. Not only did she surprise a nurse in Utah with $10,000 as a thank you, but she also partnered with her Friends co-stars to participate in the “All-In Challenge.” The group gave fans a chance to bid money for charity, with a randomly selected winner getting to attend an HBO Max taping of the upcoming Friends reunion.

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