Jennifer Garner Dresses Up Her Dog To Look Like Characters From Her Movies

We’ve all been through a lot this year. 2020 has not been an easy one. Part of what has made the current global state a little bit more bearable has been the endless TikTok videos and other distractions on social media. This can come from various personalities, including celebrities. And one of the famous celebrities that we love to follow for her creativity and down-to-earth approach on her videos, is Jennifer Garner. One of the videos that we are absolutely loving, is the one in which she showcases her beloved dog Birdie wearing not one, but five different costumes – all inspired by the roles that she has played in either movies or TV shows. 

On Instagram, Garner shared the very creative clip. She had the help of her golden retriever, Bridie, in some of her iconic character looks. The montage kicked off with Birdie dressed as Sydney Bristow from “Alias” in a red wig and black top. Then it goes through several other outfits, all inspired from her character roles in “The Tribes of Palos Verdes,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” But perhaps the cutest take on a Garner role was seeing Birdie dressed up in Garner’s iconic multi-colored dress from her movie, “13 Going On 30.”

Plenty of people loved her video, including various celebrities. Kimberly Williams-Paisley left a comment on her post saying, “Your dog is, like, the best-behaved dog I’ve ever seen.” And we have to agree, Birdie looks like such a good girl!

Selma Blair also commented on the video, stating, “I love you. Seriously. So good.”

While the video overall was a hit, it was the “13 Going On 30” dress that seemed to really steal the hearts of fans. One person wrote a comment about it and left a bunch of heart-eyed emojis on the comment, while someone else wrote, “The 13 going on 30 one was so cute,” and added a crying emoji. 

While this is such a cute video, we can’t help but start to think of the upcoming Halloween season. Some of these would make fantastic costumes for dogs. Would you dress your pooch in any of these looks? Let us know!

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