Jilted Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Owner Picking Him Up At Kennel After Vacation

For pet parents, going on vacation isn’t always the most relaxing thing to do initially. Before we even have to worry about the stress of getting to our destination, there is the hassle of getting our little angel muffins to the boarding kennels. It’s so hard not to feel guilty when we drop them off – and the worst part is seeing that betrayal reflected in their eyes as you say goodbye. Fortunately, by the time we get back and go to pick them up, they’re more than happy to see us and have forgotten all about the incident.


However, for one pet parent, they’re still feeling the sting after coming back from vacation only to see that their dog has not let go of the grudge.

After a boxer named Hannibal was dropped off at a pet boarding facility, his owners were expecting to pick up a happy dog after they returned from their trip. But when they arrived at the Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay in Olympia, Washington, they were met with some seriously icy death stares from their beloved Hannibal.


The boxer was quick to convey all his betrayal and anger through one continued death stare. He was standing upright, paws placed on the top of his enclosure, just staring as his owner recorded the video. There is no denying this dog is the master of the “side-eye.”

It was pure absolute disgust that was written all over Hannibal’s face as his owner tried to elicit some kind of response from him. But he didn’t budge. Naturally, the internet melted at the video, finding it so hilarious.


“The furniture, dead… your house shoes, dead… clean floor, dead,” one viewer joked, while another added, “That’s not staring, that’s straight-up burning holes into your soul.”


There is no doubt that we would all hate to be on the receiving end of that glare. But the video itself is so funny it’s precious. We actually wouldn’t be surprised if Hannibal ends up becoming the next big meme – I mean someone eventually has to replace the woman screaming at the cat.

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