Jon Hamm Adopts Dog That Had Been Returned Two Times

Actor Jon Hamm has a new best friend! And the shelter dog that he adopted certainly got a lucky break after two moments of heartbreak. And as the age-old saying goes, sometimes the third try is the charm. Luckily for Splash, the shelter pup, the third time lucky was a forever home with Jon Hamm. 

Prior to his adoption, Splash had experienced a couple of false starts when he was adopted by two other families. It was easy to see why he’d been picked. Splash was a bright and lively four-month-old puppy who was cute and irresistible. While Splash might have caught the eye of various people, it didn’t work out for his first two adoptions. And sadly, Splash got returned each time. The citation of his return? The natural energy that came with him being a puppy. 

But the staff at the shelter was determined to see this happy pup placed in a good home. I Stand With My Pack rescue put out the message on Facebook, and conducted various meet and greet opportunities in order to find him a forever home. After a long search, they finally found the perfect home for Splash. 

In a post on social media, they wrote, “Splash is growing so fast and is having a time of his life. He had several meets and greets and is waiting to hear news about his forever home. Paws crossed.”

That “news” they were talking about, was Jon Hamm. The actor had applied to adopt the dog. It all worked out, and the actor was able to bring his new buddy home to live with him. While Hamm isn’t big into social media, he still posted his own post to introduce the beautiful new addition to his home. 

And the rescue was more than happy to congratulate the young pup on his forever home. They noted that it was a “fairy tale life” that the little puppy now had. And they were obviously so excited for him. While Splash might be living his best life, there are still millions of other dogs waiting in shelters for lucky breaks of their own. And currently, I Stand With My Pack is facing an overwhelming number of rescues due to all the displaced animals who are flooding in because of the wildfires that are burning on the West Coast. That is why it’s always a good idea to adopt instead of shop.

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