Judge Judy Lets Stolen Dog Decide Who His Real Owner Is

Judge Judy is known for being a no-nonsense kind of judge. If you’ve watched her show you’ve seen her straight-talking demeanor with a variety of different cases. But there was one case that probably stood out to dog owners because it exemplified the strong bonds that exist between a dog and their owner. There was no fooling Judge Judy as to who this dog truly belonged to.

In the court case, there was a man and woman disputing over who the adorable little white dog belonged to. The man was claiming that his dog, Baby Boy, was in fact the woman’s dog. The background to the case was that Baby Boy had run away from home one day and hadn’t been found. 

The woman, who was the defendant in the case, had then purchased the dog for $50 as a gift for her mother. The plaintiff wanted his dog back and had pictures to prove that the dog was really his missing Baby Boy. The defendant was adamant that the man was mistaken and that her dog was a completely different dog. She had brought along paperwork from her vet that stated the dog was actually five years old and a mixed breed. 

Judge Judy didn’t seem all that interested in the veterinary paperwork. She wanted to see the dog’s reaction to being brought into the courtroom. That is when she ordered the defendant’s friend to bring in the dog in question. The question of who the rightful owner was, was about to be settled. Almost as soon as the little white pooch was carried into the room, he spotted the plaintiff and his tail began to wag. 

Every dog owner watching the video already knew what was about to happen next. As soon as Judge Judy gave the order for the dog to be placed on the floor, the little pup bolted for the plaintiff. No surprises left as to who the real owner was. The plaintiff was nearly in tears as he said “Baby Boy” out loud and scooped the tiny dog up in his arms. 

It was perhaps one of the more heartwarming moments of Judge Judy. 

Watch the footage below:

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