K-9 Puppy Falls Asleep During His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

We all have important places to be – even dogs. But unlike dogs, when we fall asleep in important places, it’s not so cute. However, when a little police pup does it, it’s absolutely precious.

In Bristol, Rhode Island, the police force decided to take on comfort K-9s. This specialty line of duty canine officers are “comfort dogs” brought in to help people process anxiety, stress, PTSD and other emotions, and they work for both police officers and public victims. The work they do is quite important.

In many cases, these comfort canines will do community outreach and will often visit schools, nursing homes, hospitals, courthouses, veteran centers, and other places where residents suffering from anxiety can experience pet therapy thanks to the authorities.

Photo: Facebook/Bristol, R.I. Police Department

And in Rhode Island, the police force there was happy to bring on K-9 officer Brody.

As School Patrol Officer Keith Medeiros said about the little pup, “We’re very excited for Brody to meet the people in our community and we’re very excited for him to meet the students in the Bristol-Warren Regional School District.”

Additionally, Brody’s swearing in-ceremony was broadcast live on Facebook.

And that ceremony was just to die for with how cute it was. It was clear, that only the humans were excited by the ceremony. Instead, little Brody spent his whole swearing-in ceremony comfortably asleep while everything else happened around him.

Photo: Facebook/Bristol, R.I. Police Department

Regardless, Police Chief Kevin Lynch remained happy about Brody’s joining of the team and was optimistic about the work that he would be doing with local students and nursing home residents.

Lynch said, “I knew we had a winning formula for the town. This is a very good example of making a difference. He’s going to be a superstar for the town of Bristol. You can guarantee it.”

Of course, little Brody didn’t get to hear all the accolades because he was fast asleep. But it was certainly entertaining and cute to watch.

Photo: Facebook/Bristol, R.I. Police Department

Regardless, the police of Bristol, Rhode Island are excited for their very first comfort K-9 to go out and help the witnesses of crimes while police conduct their investigations. Besides working with people in high stress and traumatic situations and calming them down, there have been studies that suggest comfort dogs can actually help to improve a witness’s ability to recall.

K9 Brody Swearing in Ceremony 4/6/2020

Posted by Bristol, R.I. Police Department on Monday, April 6, 2020

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