Koala Emerges From Australia Bushfire And Begs A Cyclists For A Drink Of Water

Australia is burning to the ground amid record-breaking wildfires, and the ones who are hardest hit are the wildlife. The number of animal casualties continues to climb daily, and it is so incredibly sad to watch. Thankfully, there have been a number of volunteers around the world who are trying to help make a difference amid all the destruction.

Source: bikebug2019/Instgram

Naturally, the animal survivors of the wildfires are traumatized as well as lacking their natural resources and habitat. One little koala was so thirsty, that rather than wait for help to come to him, he went out on a heart-breaking quest for help.

Source: bikebug2019/Instgram

Anna Heusler was biking with a group of friends when they encountered the koala in the middle of the road. The group stopped to see what he needed, and it became apparent that he’d been waiting for someone to come along.

Heusler posted on Instagram, “[He] walked right up to me as I was descending and climbed up onto my bike.”

The poor koala was parched and in desperate need of a drink. Heusler was only more than happy to oblige.

After taking a few gulps of water from several of the bikers’ water bottles, he was satisfied. They then ushered the little guy to the side of the road in order for him to be safe.

Source: bikebug2019/Instgram

In their natural habitat, koalas are quite shy and generally tend to avoid human interaction. However, given the recent wildfires and soaring temperatures, it seems that vulnerability and desperation are driving these poor animals to seek help however way they can. It is quite lucky that the bikers came along at the right time in order to offer help.

As she wrote, “It was genuinely the best thing they’ve witnessed. What a truly wonderful experience.”

You can watch the heart-warming video below:

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There were about a dozen cyclists around me watching this (all men) and several commented that it was genuinely the best thing they’ve witnessed. What a truly wonderful experience. Check out my previous posts this morning for explanation. : Please see my “Go Fund Me” page which is on my Instagram profile bio that I have commenced to raise money for the rescue team caring for over 100 sick and injured koalas in Adelaide. @bikebug2019 : #cyclingtips #cycling #roadcycling #roadbike #roadbikelife #lifeonabike #travelbybike #cyclingphotography #cycleshots #rideyourbike #instacycle #veloclub #cyclinglife #fromwhereride #switchbacks #roadslikethese #cyclingpassion #cyclingworld #whenindoubtpedalitout #womenonbikes #womenriders @cyclingtips @veloclub.cc @iamspecialized @iamspecialized_wmn @womenridebikes #rideadelaide #radelaide #adelaide #adelaidehills #southaustralia #koala #koalabear #koalabears #australia

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And don’t forget to send prayers and good vibes to Australia. And if you can, donate to help the wildlife.


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