Lab Puppy Gets Suspicious When His Owner Tries To Give Him A Spoonful Of Peanut Butter

Most people associate dogs with peanut butter since there are many canines who do enjoy the nutty treat. In my own experience, I have never known a dog to say no to peanut butter. It’s quite entertaining to watch them consume it. They comically lap at it over and over again, their pink tongues briefly turned a sandy brown. 

But every so often you’ll get one who doesn’t fall into the stereotype of being a peanut butter lover. Charlie is an adorable little golden Labrador puppy who was being given peanut butter for his first time. It didn’t go as expected. 

Charlie’s owner was behind the camera attempting to catch the pooch’s first experience of the creamy treat. However, Charlie wasn’t really feeling it. The baby dog cautiously sniffed it first, then attempted the tiniest lick imaginable. It wasn’t for him. He refused to eat any more.

Then it quickly turns into a game for Charlie as he tries to avoid the peanut butter that his owner is so insistent he try. The pup backs up, wagging his tail as if he’s playing tag and the peanut butter is it. He makes all kinds of playful sounds as he runs away from the spoon. It will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Check out how sweet the moment is in the footage below:


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