Labrador Finally Gets A Home After Waiting Seven Years At The Shelter

It is a great day for the staff at the Dogwood Animal Shelter in Missouri, US, who are celebrating the fact that one of their “good girl,” Ginger, has finally found a home after nearly 8 years.

After the shelter staff shared a picture of Ginger sitting in her cage looking despondent, they were flooded by tons of messages.

The emotional plea showed a sign stuck to her cage, which read, “Hi, I’m Ginger, I’ve been here waiting for seven years, nine months, two weeks and two days. I’m a good girl. I promise. I just need a second chance”.

Ginger had a sad beginning, having been rescued from an abusive environment that left the poor dog with “medical, emotional, and behavioral issues,” which meant that she, unfortunately, was “unadoptable for quite some time.”

However, after the heartwrenching appeal went viral on social media, someone came forward to offer the Labrador-Retriever mix the second chance she deserved.

Credit: Dogwood Animal Shelter
The shelter was elated to share the good news, along with a photo of Ginger, with the caption reading, “Ginger has gone home! Her adopter has no children and no pets, has a fenced-in yard and experience with dogs with dispositions similar to Ginger’s! A huge thank you to Carole Nowicki for posting Ginger’s story, to Scott Poore for re-posting and to every one of you who shared it! We’re very grateful to those who cheered us on and kept the faith that Ginger would finally have the loving, comfy home she deserves!”

Before Ginger had found her new home, the shelter had shared another video of Ginger playing with her toys, thanking people for the support and kind words.

Credit: Dogwood Animal Shelter
The clip said, “Thank you for the outpouring of concern about Ginger. Like most rescue dogs, Ginger came into Dogwood with her own set of medical, emotional and behavioral issues which made her unadoptable for a long time. Dogwood’s staff and volunteers have diligently worked to address those issues and to locate a suitable home for her. She is and has been adoptable. The fact that she would be best placed in a home with no other animals or small children has narrowed the possibilities, but we never give up trying.”

There were many people who commented on the clip – some even going as far as offering financial help for Ginger.

One person commented, “I will pay the adoption fees for someone that wants her. From Australia, there is not much else I can do, but I am sure there is a loving home out there for this baby.”

But, thankfully, Ginger has a new home, and we wish her all the best!

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