Labrador Retriever Rescues Two Dogs Trapped In A Canoe

“Being up a creek without a paddle” is not where anyone wants to find themselves. For most people it’s just a metaphor that is dropped into everyday conversations as a way of making a point. But for two dogs in a canoe, it was a scary reality. These two pups were literally up a creek without a paddle – or more accurately they were going down a river with rough waters. 

The two dogs were not sure what to do. And we don’t blame them. What do you do in a situation like that? I’d probably just sit in the canoe and cry. I have no shame in admitting that. But for the most part, it’s usually advised in water rescue situations that you remain in your boat and wait for the professionals to arrive. 

Source: Youtube

But in this particular situation, the “professional” that showed up to the rescue turned out to be one of their fellow canines. The two trapped dogs were helplessly drifting down the river in the canoe when a third canine appeared and bravely charged out into the strong currents. He was not about to let his friends float away into the unknown.

The hero dog in question is named Robbie. And he showed that he had absolutely no fear as he swam out towards the canoe to rescue his friends. And the amazing this was that one of the dogs in the canoe, Rusty, realized that he was coming to rescue them. That is when he dropped a rope into the water in order for Robbie to be able to pull the canoe back towards the safety of the shore. The amount of emotional intelligence that these two dogs showed was incredible. 

And it was quite heartwarming to see a dog put himself in harm’s way in order to save two others. It’s a great example of how we don’t give dogs enough credit. They truly are caring and compassionate creatures. And we don’t deserve them.

Watch the daring rescue below:

What do you think of Robbie’s actions? Have you ever seen something similar? Let us know!

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