‘Leader Of The Pack’ Episode 5: A Friend For Amigo

A Spanish Greyhound runs along the water on a beautiful summer day

Galgos, or Spanish greyhounds, are bred for hunting. Unfortunately, when they have outlived their usefulness as hunters, they are often abandoned or killed. Amigo had been abandoned when a well-intentioned woman in the Netherlands rescued him via online adoption from a shelter in Spain, but they turned out to not be a good match.

Training an Aggressive Dog

She was not a strong leader and Amigo became dog-aggressive to the point that he had to be muzzled. Realizing she could not handle him, the woman sent Amigo back to Spain. Now it’s up to Cesar to find a Leader of the Pack for him — but first he must deal with Amigo’s dog-aggression issue, and he decides the best way to do that is with the power of the pack itself.

Meeting Possible Foster Families

Next, it’s time to meet the candidates. First up are Dagmar and Daniele, a young and active couple who have settled down in Holland after years of traveling the world. While she’s had dogs before, he is more of a cat person. Amigo would be their first dog together, but can they learn the right approach?

Next is Sevilio, a single man from the city who has had experience with dogs, but misses their companionship since his ex-girlfriend took custody of their last dog after the break-up. While Sevilio surprises Cesar with his calm approach to Amigo, he also has a certain lack of assertiveness, allowing the dog to take the lead on the walk.

Finally, Cesar meets Anja, her daughters Tamara and Laura, and their German shepherd Herbie, for whom they are seeking a companion. The family is used to dealing with horses, so they are already savvy animal handlers — but will Herbie and Amigo prove to be a match?

Before Cesar can determine who will be Leader of the Pack for Amigo, he must test their ability to control his dog aggression and hunting instincts with the help of his pack and several rabbits.

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