Lifeguard Dogs In Italy Jump From Helicopters To Save Lives

When the situation calls for it, our dogs can totally rise up to the challenge and become heroes. When we adopted my dog, I was seven years old. One week later, someone tried to break into our garage while everyone except my grandma was out of the house. When we got home, my grandma shared with us the story of how our dog bravely scared away the potential burglar. There was no doubt that our dog was a heroine and she courageous defended her new home. She was a good dog and I miss her every day. Most of us who own dogs can share at least one story where our dogs were the heroes or heroines of the hour. And even if our dogs have never done a major feat of heroism, they’re heroes in their own way – mostly by being our constant companions and bringing a light and a joy to our lives that others just can’t provide.

But there are also some working dogs who are heroes on a daily basis. These dogs can be therapy dogs, military or police dogs, or rescue dogs. All different types of jobs that these canines perform are quite rigorous, and they deserve a round of applause. And in Italy, there is a group of rescue dogs who assist the beach safety squad in making sure that all beach goers can enjoy their time there in safety. These dogs are trained through the Italian School for Lifeguard Dogs, and they are taught to rescue people who have run into some trouble while in the ocean. Running the school for these lifeguard dogs is Ferruccio Pilenga, who has trained more than 350 lifeguard dogs – all who can perform water rescues. 

And in the video below, you can see one of these dogs in action. During a training course, the Newfoundland dog makes an incredible leap from the helicopter in order to rescue swimmers below. These dogs make wonderful water rescue dogs because they’re pretty strong swimmers. These would definitely be the little canine heroes that we’d love to show up to rescue us. It’s incredible all the wonderful things that these dogs can do.

Watch the video below:

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