Little Boy Writes His Teacher The Sweetest Note After Her Dog Died

Pets always bring such love and joy to our lives, and when they pass on, they leave us with such heavy hearts. Regardless of whether the death of a pet comes unexpectedly or not, it is always a monumentally difficult moment in a pet owner’s life – that is why kindness towards a grieving pet owner can go such a long way.

Gemma Dunne, a teacher at St. Michael’s Primary School in Glasgow, Scotland, had to bid farewell to her wonderful companion, her beloved golden retriever. It was very difficult, but one of her students surprised her with a genuinely kind gesture.

Gemma’s daughter Lucie had written about her mother feeling upset over the death of her dog. So, in a very thoughtful gesture, one of her students chose to write her some kind words in a letter.


Callum, the student, even apologized in advance in case his note added to the heartache she was already feeling – a gesture that was even more endearing besides the note itself.


In his letter, Callum ended up putting his expression of condolence into the form of an acrostic poem, which spelled out Charlie, the dog’s name.


“Cheeky. I bet your dog was really cheeky.
Happy. I bet your dog was always happy.
Adorable. I bet your dog was super adorable.
Relative. I bet your dog was really related to you.
Lucky. I bet your dog was really lucky to have you.
Incredible. I bet your dog was super incredible.
Energetic. I bet your dog was always full of energy.

But most of all know your dog was special and your dog is in a better place and is looking over you.”

Callum then added a drawing before finishing his note with, “Charlie was a great dog. From Callum.”


According to Lucie, when Gemma read Callum’s note, she, “was so grateful for it, especially after being so nervous about going back into work after the weekend.”


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