Little Dog Has Just The Answer When The Baby Starts Crying

They say it takes a village to raise a baby. And that is true. While I don’t have kids of my own, I’ve heard from friends who do, that they will take all the help they can get – especially when they’re first time parents. My mom has shared some stories of her early days trying to figure out and navigate motherhood. Even though my dad was very involved, she still found herself running to her mom for advice and help. It’s normal for first-time parents to not really know what they’re doing. And babies aren’t easiest to figure out when they cry – their cries can mean a variety of things. But sometimes help with kids can come in the most random forms.

For new parents with dogs, they might find themselves getting a little bit of extra support from their pets. And that is always something that is greatly appreciated since dogs just happen to have a way with kids. They have such patience and natural understanding that makes them perfect for the task of babysitting kids. And one adorable video shows just how great some dogs are when it comes to caring for infants. When one baby starts crying, the little white dog is there – ready to take over the job of comforting the crying baby.

Most people know that when a baby is upset, singing to them is usually an effective way of calming them down or making them relax a bit. Of course, it doesn’t always help, but more often than not, it does have a positive effect. And there is no better singer than an enthusiastic pup. When the infant in the video begins to cry, the little white dog knows just what to do. He joins in! The little pooch begins to howl as the baby cries. And that somehow works! The little infant stops crying almost instantly. But that doesn’t mean that the dog was done. The thoughtful little pooch continued his serenade that eventually helped to lull the baby back to sleep. 

Guess the parents will be employing him as a full-time babysitter. Check out the sweet video below:

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