Little Girl And Her Deaf Rescue Great Dane Share A Special Bond

Echo is a Great Dane who is deaf. Had she not been rescued as a puppy, she probably wouldn’t have grown up – her owner at the time was very neglectful. They were neglectful to the point that they were threatening to put Echo down on account of her being “useless,” just because she couldn’t hear.

The cruelty of some people is astonishing. But thankfully, the Louisiana Great Dane Rescue was there to rescue her. Marion Dwyer was the one who rescued Echo, and she was horrified by the extent of Echo’s mistreatment. Firstly, Echo has been spayed too young, but on top of that, it was discovered that she had a stomach full of rocks! The poor puppy had been starving!

Posted by Echo & Osiris the deaf Great Danes on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It was Marion’s love and dedication that helped Echo survive and grow up strong. She stayed with Marion and grew to thrive with her new family.

When Marion became pregnant, Echo immediately became very protective of her owner. It was as though Echo knew that a baby would be joining their family.

And her love for Marion immediately extended to Jennie when she was born. The connection between Echo and Jennie was instantaneous.

Hello friends! Echo here! We've been a little quiet the past few weeks because we have been busy with our new two legged…

Posted by Echo & Osiris the deaf Great Danes on Monday, April 11, 2016

And it has not faded, in fact, it’s grown stronger as Jennie has grown up. Now, the little girl and the Great Dane do absolutely everything together as besties.

"Just remember kid, if we get caught I am deaf and you don't speak English!" #accurate #partnersincrime #apprenticewitch…

Posted by Echo & Osiris the deaf Great Danes on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One of their favorite activities is going for a walk together – Jennie always holding Echo’s leash.

Posted by Echo & Osiris the deaf Great Danes on Friday, September 15, 2017

And these two best friends certainly have swag when they’re out for their walk. Check out the adorable pair in the video below:

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