Little Girl Coaches Her Dog Through An Obstacle Course Using Treats

Dog lovers everywhere eagerly away the annual Crufts event, which according to their website, says, “Crufts is the greatest dog event in the world! Organized by The Kennel Club, the show celebrates every aspect of the role that dogs play in our lives.”

While the Crufts event does showcase the skills and talents of the dogs, the main goal of the event is to foster an awareness of overall health, well-being, and protection of the dogs that we love so much. While this year’s event went ahead in March despite the pandemic, it was the Crufts event of two years ago that was most fondly remembered.

Screenshot: YouTube

In it, an adorable young girl wowed the audience when she showed off her dog-handling skills alongside her trusted companion: a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Her staffy went on to compete in the event’s agility course.

Staffies aren’t particularly known for their agility skills, that is why the audience was quite impressed by the way the girl, called Isi, was able to mentor her dog through the course.

And her dog, Dakota, did very well, managing to complete her agility course.

Screenshot: YouTube

Isi was quite passionate and dedicated to training dogs – something that made her different to other young girls her age. Together, Isi and Dakota made quite the pair, wowing people with the trust and teamwork that they showed out on the floor.

In the video that was captured, Isi was shown to be a member of the East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, since she wore a pink shirt that carried the club’s logo – a club that dates all the way back to 1973 when it was registered with the Kennel Club.

Screenshot: YouTube

The club even spoke to Express, stating, “Our members all have in common the love of the breed whether or not they own a Stafford and whether they compete with their dogs at sports or just at being the first to find the comfy spot on the settee.”

The best part of the video was that Isi and Dakota were both clearly enjoying their time together, and having lots of fun going through the course. And Isi did an incredible job leading Dakota through all the obstacles such as a tunnel, jumps, and across a see-saw.

Screenshot: YouTube

Even the show’s commentators were impressed, with one of them saying, “Good instruction there, Isi.”

And it was adorable to watch Dakota do her best while having lots of fun with her owner. There was one minor moment when Dakota got distracted, however, Isi was easily able to get her back on track and she managed to finish on time.

Screenshot: YouTube

The video was well-received with those online, with many people commenting that it was precious to watch, as well as young Isi seemed to show great promise to being able to work with dogs in the future.

And we couldn’t agree more.

You can watch the full routine below:

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