Lobo The Siberian Husky Goes Hilariously Off Track In Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show is a prestigious event. The finest dogs from all over come to compete. And those competing, intend to win.

However, there was one Siberian Husky who seemed more interested in just having a good time than actually bringing his A-game to crush his competition in the agility course.

Lobo, the Siberian Husky from Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania, didn’t seem too bothered to follow the strict instructions of his handler while completing the agility portion of the Westminster Dog Show. Instead, he seemed more interested in following certain smells – even going as far as investigating one woman’s personal effects on the sidelines.

Alan Davis, Lobo’s handler, was powerless to keep the dog focused. At first, Lobo started out alright. He cleared his first jump beautifully, but quickly, he lost his focus and became more interested in setting off on an investigation of his surroundings.

While he did manage to do a few other tricks like a couple of jumps, weaving in and out of poles, it was little use – his mistake count was quickly rising.

But that didn’t stop him from being a crowd-pleaser nonetheless, as people in the audience seemed amused by the husky’s puzzling display down in the agility course. Even the show’s announcers couldn’t help but joke that “Lobo is going to be the crowd favorite, I guarantee it.”

He may not have won, but Lobo certainly had all eyes on him as he took twice as long to complete the agility course – finishing it in 76 seconds as compared to the winning time of 29.35 seconds.

Lobo is certainly a winner online where his hilarious video has caused a viral frenzy. Many other dog owners of Siberian Huskies have actually chimed in with their comments, relating very much to the video.

One person commented, “The husky-est thing I’ve seen all day and I got 2 laying on my couch.”

Another person wrote, “He did pretty much exactly what I expected from a husky. Can he do the course? Of course, no problem. Does he wanna follow the human rules? Nah.”

And the best part is, at the end of the course, Lobo’s expression totally expresses his belief that he nailed it. Absolutely endearing!

You can watch Lobo’s adorable Westminster Dog Show fail in the video below:

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