Pets are family, no matter what kind of animal they are. And when you love a pet, there is no easy way to get over their loss. And if we should lose them because they got loose and ran away, that’s the worst kind of loss because of the uncertainty surrounding their disappearance. Thankfully, I’ve not experienced that kind of loss personally, but my heart always breaks for those pet owners who have to go through it. I can only speculate as to how traumatic that must feel.

Photo: Facebook/Kara Elizabeth Arnold

When Claudia Arnold of Nanaimo, British Columbia in Canada was born, her family had a chubby cat named Cursor. The cat and the child both bonded, and instantaneously formed a friendship that was so adorable and pure. They were inseparable. Sadly, when Claudia was a toddler, Cursor vanished without a trace.

As Kara Arnold, Claudia’s mom, said, “Cursor was in our family before Claudia was born, but as soon as she came along he was her best buddy. Until he went missing they were almost inseparable.”

Photo: Facebook/Kara Elizabeth Arnold

Once he went missing, Kara was busy searching the neighborhood for him – posting flyers and asking online for help, hoping someone would know where her cat was.

She said, “Whenever she got sad about anything else she would cry for him as well. Whenever she cried for him I would repost his missing poster on our local lost and founds pet Facebook page.”

Sadly, the years passed and three years later, there was no sign of Cursor. While Kara had accepted that the family would probably never see their beloved cat again, Claudia had not lost hope. In fact, she would talk to about him every day, willing him to return.

Then, the miraculous happened. They got a call from the local animal shelter. All of Kara’s social media posts had worked, and someone had found Cursor, bringing him to the Nanaimo SPCA to be returned.

Screen Shot: YouTube/The Dodo

That is when Kara decided to keep Cursor’s a return a secret and surprise Claudia. The moment was recorded on video, and the special moment was absolutely tear-jerking to watch.

As mother and daughter sat in the animal shelter’s lobby, Kara asked Claudia what her favorite color cat was.

That is when Claudia went on to describe Cursor, saying, “I had a calico! It was black anddd…” as her voice trailed off, a shelter worker brought out Cursor, saying, “Did he look like this?”

“Cursor!” Claudia then exclaimed, immediately going over to pet her best friend.

Screen Shot: YouTube/The Dodo

As Kara said, “I am so glad I did! It was the last post I made in June that he was recognized from.”

Nothing is every better than a happy ending – make sure you have your tissues handy.

You can watch the video below:

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