Lost Dog Runs Towards Family Like A Scene From A Movie

We love our dogs. When we welcome them into our homes, we do so with the intent that they will be with us forever so we can love and care for them. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, due to freak accidents, our dogs get out and they get lost. For a dog owner, there is no worse feeling than losing a pet and not knowing where they are. Thankfully I’ve never had to experience the pain of a dog running away from home. The closest I got was the 10 minutes that we thought our dog had gotten out. As it turned out, when she was locked out of the garage, she went down the alleyway and around the neighborhood to the front of our house. It took my mom and me several minutes to realize that she was patiently waiting on our front porch to let her in. Meanwhile, we were in the back freaking out as we scoured the alleyway trying to find her. My point is, those 10 minutes were some of the scariest and darkest minutes of my life thinking that our dog was lost. That is why I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmare dog owners go through when their pets are lost for real. They must feel so helpless not knowing where their beloved fur babies are.

For one couple, Mary and Brent, they went through a period of sadness when their dog Jasper, a Great Pyrenees, got out from their backyard. The pup had never done anything like that before, so they were highly concerned. Mary and Brent were understandably scared. Realizing your dog, who’s never gotten out of the yard before, is definitely a heart-stopping moment. Mary and Brent did the only thing they could do it the moment, they started the search for their beloved pooch. But after three days of looking, they started to lose hope. They grew concerned that they were never going to see Jasper again. 

But in those three days, Jasper had been on quite the adventure of his own. The big, fluffy white pup had managed to cross the Columbia River at least three times during that period of time. As the search continued, it turned into a large community effort. And during that time Jasper was spotted before he went off the grid again. That is why Mary and Brent knew that had to keep going. They knew he was alive. 

During one portion of the search, Mary asked Brent to stop in the road. Brent replied to her with the comment, “Why would we stop? It’s not like Hollywood. It’s not like the dog’s just gonna get in the middle of the road and run toward you.” But little did Brent know moment that they were about to experience their own personal cinematic reunion. As it turned out, that is exactly how they found Jasper. The shocked couple was certainly feeling quite lucky in the moment.

Watch their reunion in the video below:

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