Lowe’s Hires Disabled Veteran And His Medical Service Dog After He Couldn’t Find A Job

Anyone who has a medical condition or disability is no different or capable than anyone else. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding work, jobs don’t always give people with medical conditions or disabilities a chance. One man in Canada was finding it difficult to get hired due to his medical condition that required him to rely on a service dog. Thankfully, one place did offer him a job.

Photo credit: Lowe’s Canada

After Lowe’s Canada heard the news about the man who was finding it tough to catch a break, the hardware and home improvement retailer reached out to the man and gave both him, and his service dog, Blue, employment in their store.

The sweet gesture was announced via social media with the following picture:

Lowe’s wrote to their Facebook, “A recent hire is a gentleman that was having difficulty finding employment because of a brain injury and a support dog. So we did what Lowe’s does best: we hired him and outfitted Blue, our customer service canine, with his very own vest!”


The store, which is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, even made sure that Blue received his own uniform and name tag!


Lowe’s hiring of the man and his dog has been met with lots of praise from everywhere in the world. The post has been shared more than 11,000 times, plus there are tons of comments flooding the post with people thanking the retailer for hiring the duo, as well as others who are wishing the man and Blue luck in their new position.

One user even wrote what I’m sure we’re all thinking, “Way to spread compassion and employment. Hope other companies follow along with you to help those with special circumstances.”

Agreed – hopefully more companies follow Lowe’s example.

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