Loyal Dog Found Next To Owner’s Side After He Passed Away

Death is always a difficult thing to process. It is never easy. And if you’re a dog, the death of a loved one, like an owner, can be especially confusing and hard to come to terms with. When a dog loses their owner, it can be downright traumatic and depressing for them – especially if they’re the only person that they’ve ever known.

Photo: Facebook/ 1 Day Ranch

After battling a long and terminal illness, one Oklahoma man passed away. And according to rescuers, it was his senior black lab, Sam, who was the first one to find the body. The elderly dog stayed with the body for days before anyone else realized that the man had passed away, and neighbors then called the authorities. When the police arrived on the scene, they had difficulties getting Sam, who was loyal to the end, to leave her deceased owner’s side.

Unable to get the distressed dog to cooperate, the police called the local animal rescue, 1 Day Ranch, for help. They sent someone over to try their best to comfort the frantic and frightened dog.

Photo: Facebook/ 1 Day Ranch

As the founder and director of the nearby animal rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary, Maeghan Olsen, said to PEOPLE, “Obviously the man did something right, a lot of love goes a long way.”

When she first was brought in, Olsen noticed immediately that Sam was “very upset.” Olsen revealed that the elderly dog was visibly distressed – panting and shaking uncontrollably.

Instead of trying to get her outside, Olsen decided to try and let Sam process her grief. She sat beside the lab, calmly talking to the frightened dog and giving her dog treats.

Photo: Facebook/ 1 Day Ranch

As she explained to PEOPLE, Olsen said, “I let her say goodbye.”

She waited and eventually, Sam calmed down enough to let Olsen lead her out of the home.

The loyalty that dogs have for their loved ones is truly something incredible to witness. Dog owners are truly lucky people to get to experience that kind of selfless love and devotion.

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