Mad Husky Sings Along To Her Favorite Song Even Though She’s Upset

We all get mad at those we love. It’s a part of life. Even our pets occasionally get annoyed at us as well. While most would expect our cats to be the ones holding grudges, sometimes it is our dogs who stay mad at us for hours. 

One dog owner discovered just how long a dog can hang onto animosity after administering some new flea spray to Mya the husky. The canine did not take it well at all. She couldn’t understand that her owner was acting in her best interest. Instead, she saw it as a personal attack. And she was livid. Mya refused to even look at her owner. We’ve all had this happen to us at least once after a vet visit, right?

When Mya’s owner called her by her name the pup did not acknowledge her. She continued to ignore her owner, furious that she was doused with a flea spray. The betrayal was real for Mya. Mya’s owner wasn’t about to give up that easily on the angry dog. There was still one more trick that could be used to get the pooch to stop being upset.

Mya’s favorite song happens to be “Tomorrow” from the film, “Annie.” The husky loves the song so much that every time it plays, she can’t help but sing along. Thinking quickly, the owner begins to sing the lyrics. Within seconds Mya is howling alongside her owner.

As the owner pointed out, Mya can’t resist. And she did not disappoint the camera as she rose to the challenge and sang with her owner. Eventually, her owner is able to convince her to turn around and look at her – all by singing the dog’s favorite song.

It is beyond charming to watch: 

Our heartstrings are snapping with joy right now. What do you think of the video? Let us know!

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