Mail Carrier Writes Letters To A Dog On His Route Whenever There Isn’t Any Mail

Dogs are the best. They are so happy and full of joy. Some of their favorite people seem to be mail carriers and delivery people. Contrary to many stereotypes, dogs and mail carriers do get along rather well. My dog would always be happy to see our mailman come around every day at 10:30 in the morning to drop off our mail. She never missed a friendly head scratch from him. And she was quite upset the few times that it was a different mailman who came by on the days that he was out sick or on vacation. 


The way that dogs and mail carriers form bonds is truly heartwarming. And for Marin Studer, a mailman down in Australia, he was quickly befriended by a happy little pup along his route. Out of all the homes along his route, there is one home that has a very happy customer who is always happy to see him. And that joyful face is Pippa, a precious little golden retriever. She is always so thrilled to see him because it means that she gets mail.

This pup is actually so excited at the prospect of getting mail, that Martin sometimes has to improvise. Not wanting to let her down, Martin will often use scrap paper in order to write down a little something as a “letter” for Pippa. She doesn’t know the difference at all, but it makes Martin smile to see how happy she is while receiving her “mail.”


Martin took a picture of Pippa’s mail and shared it to Facebook, writing in the post, Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect. So I have to improvise.” After posting the photo, the picture went viral. We totally understand why. Pippa is just too precious. But it’s also incredibly kind of Martin to indulge this precious pooch in her fondness for collecting mail. He doesn’t have to provide her with something every day, but he does. And we just can’t get over how nice that is!


What do you think of Pippa and her obsession with receiving mail? Is it not the cutest thing ever? Let us know!

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