Man Asks Chewy For A Refund On Dog Food After His Dog Passes Away, Gets An Oil Painting With A Note

Customer service. It is one of the things that can make or break a company based on how they treat their clientele. That is why any good company knows the value of providing great service that goes above and beyond what is asked. And one company, Chewy has proven that they are a company that truly cares about their customers.

Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and supplies. According to their website, Chewy’s biggest priority is making their customers happy – both animal and human. One of the stories about Chewy that gained popularity is the kindness they showed one of their customers, Joseph Inabnet after he had to put down Bailey, his pug.

Photo: Facebook / joseph.inabne

After Bailey passed away, Joseph had an unopened bag of prescription dog food that he wanted to return. As Joseph recounted, he contacted Chewy regarding the matter, and they refunded him the entire amount he paid for the food. Rather than have him send it back, Chewy asked Joseph that he donate it to a local shelter instead.

Photo: Facebook / joseph.inabne

And that wasn’t the end of their gesture. Joseph later received a surprise in the mail from Chewy, in the form of a painting. The oil painting was of his dog Bailey. It had been painted by artist Sharon LaVoie Lamb and it included an uplifting note of condolence.

Photo: Facebook / joseph.inabne

Naturally, Joseph was incredibly touched by the gesture that he posted about the experience to Facebook. From there, the post went viral as people quickly shared their own experiences with Chewy, and agreed that the company has excellent customer service. Based on customers’ reactions on the internet, Chewy is always putting their customer’s best interests first.

Photo: Facebook / joseph.inabne

In fact, there was one customer in Dallas, Texas who lost her dog only to then lose her cat the following month. She called to cancel the order she’d placed, only to be fully refunded without hassle. Then, she later received flowers along with a card of their condolences.

Photo: Facebook / Sue Stack

Chewy did the same exact thing for the Stack family, as well after they lost their 6-year-old Great Dane, Jake. The Stacks called Chewy in the afternoon, and by the evening they had not only received a full refund for the dog food, by flowers and condolences as well. The card also included a note to just donate the dog food to a shelter.

Photo: Facebook / Sue Stack

Kelli Durkin, Chewy’s VP of Customer Service, has revealed that the company has a department specifically dedicated to reaching out to their customers whenever they experience life events like birthdays, weddings, illnesses and losses.

Way to go Chewy! They really know the meaning of customer service!

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